Classic Movie Review: Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Comedy
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Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) is a limo driver, and he’s driving Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly) to the airport.  Mary leaves a suitcase for Joe Mentalino (Mike Starr) and JP Shay (Karen Duffy) but Lloyd takes the suitcase before Mental and JP can get it.  Lloyd’s buddy Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) is a pet groomer hopes to start a pet store with Lloyd. Both of them get fired, and Lloyd wants to travel to Aspen Colorado to return Mary’s suitcase, with nothing better to do, Harry agrees.  Mental and JP are in hot pursuit. Lloyd tricks a truck driver named Sea Bass (Cam Neely) into paying for their lunch, and so Sea Bass joins the hunt for Lloyd and Harry.  When Mental dies, the FBI becomes involved in tracking down Lloyd and Harry.   Harry meets a girl named Beth Jordan (Victoria Rowell) on the way to Aspen but strikes out with her.  Harry and Lloyd make it to Aspen, after a detour though Lincoln Nebraska, and find Mary’s name in an article in the local newspaper.  Do they succeed in giving her the money, or do the FBI or Sea Bass stop them?

Are you having a bad day?  The Sequester got you down?  Tired of hearing of athletes doping or meteorites crashing?  You need a movie that doesn’t require a lot of thinking.   Dumb and Dumber is that movie.  The humor is juvenile, there’s a lot of bathroom humor, if that is not your cup of tea, don’t watch this movie.  There’s also plenty of physical humor, and just a lot of ‘these guys are dumber than dirt’ humor. Jim Carrey steals every scene he’s in, but he’s supposed to, with a Prince Valiant haircut and a chipped tooth, he’s supposed to carry this movie.  However, Jeff Daniels holds his own, and has his own jokes and scenes that made me laugh.  Lauren Holly, Victoria Rowell, and everyone else are simply just straight men for Carrey and Daniels.  The Farrelly Brothers are known for their bad taste, and do nothing to change that in this movie, but again, I laughed a lot.  I watched this movie again because I hope that there’s a sequel, and that the Farrelly’s and Carrey and Daniels are all involved.

Dumb and Dumber:  Killing brain cells as you watch.

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