Movie Review: Who’s Camus Anyway (2005)

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Drama

whos camus


Naoki (Shuji Kahiwabara) is a director for a film school produced film called “The Bored Murderer.”  Noaki’s girlfriend, Yukari (Hinano Yoshikawa) is the needy, clingy type.  Naoki seems more interested in making the movie than Yukari.  He’s only interested in her money, which she gives freely. Naoki needs a new lead for his movie and he settles on effeminate blonde haired Ikeda (Hideo Nalaizumi) to play his  killer. Assistant director Kiyoko (Ai Maeda) has a mountain climbing boyfriend, but guys hit on her relentlessly.  There’s the cinematographer Motosugi (Shinnosuke Abe), even Ikeda gives flirting with her a try.  The previous director, Professor Nakajo, (Hirotaro Honda) has been a widow for two years, but he seems to be stalking a much younger woman named Rei, (Meisa Kuruki) the professor is following Rei everywhere she goes.  Director Naoki accepts and invitation from production assistant, Aya (Yuko Takada) to stay at his house until the movie ends, even though his needy girlfriend Yukari threatens to kill him if he sleeps with another woman.  So what does Naoki do?  He sleeps with Aya.  What does Yukari do? Does Professor Nakajo keep stalking Rei? Does Kiyoko have to fend off anymore admirers?

This is a movie that sets itself up as a pretty good murder mystery, and then falls apart as each of these questions are answered unsatisfactorily, in my opinion.  This is a arthouse film that tries too hard to be an arthouse  film, it references The Story of Adele H, a Francois Truffaut movie, and other movies relentlessly.  They nickname Yukari Adele, because he love for Naoki is unrequited, just like Adele H. Get it? I’ve heard of name dropping, but movie dropping?  There is also an inordinate amount of sexual tension in this movie, and there needn’t be, everyone wants to get into everyone’s pants, even the widowed professor is chasing a college aged woman, nobody seems to have any love or loyalty to anyone, which is disconcerting.  The only person who shows any love or loyalty to anyone is Yukari, but she’s treated as a crazy person by the writers, wandering around in a dazed stupor for most of the movie.  In general, the women  are not treated well by the writers, they are objectified, in the film to gratify male needs.  Kiyoko personifies this gratification personality perfectly.  The ending tries to be too clever, I was not surprised.

The acting is unremarkable, other than Hinano Yoshikawa who manages to make Yukari both interesting and sympathetic.  I was not impressed by any of the other actors, and the pacing was slow.

Who is Camus Anyway?  Don’t find out.


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