Movie Review: Definitely Maybe (2008)

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Comedy
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definitely maybe

Maya (Abigail Breslin) wants to know how her father, Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) met her mother, and she wants to know the true story.  The true story is complicated.  Will is a political consultant from Wisconsin, in love with Emily (Elizabeth Banks) his college sweetheart.  He is called to New York to work on the Clinton campaign in 1992, and that means time away from Emily.  Emily asks will to drop off a package to her friend Summer (Rachel Weisz) who lives in New York.

Summer is living with her college professor, Hampton Roth (Kevin Kilne) but she kisses Will all the same.  While working on the campaign, Will meets April, (Isla Fisher)  who is really not interested in politics and is just working on the campaign for the money.  They fight, because will is an idealist, and April is a realist.  Will says he’s going to propose to Emily, and he practices on April.  April hates the wishy- washy way he proposes to her as Emily and tells him so.  They appear to have a good friendship going, but then April’s boyfriend cancels a date and Will steps in, they talk, and then they briefly make out.  Will is clearly on the horns of a dilemma, he is about to propose to Emily, but is undoubtedly attracted to both Summer and April.  Who does he choose?  Emily, Summer or April? Who is Maya’s mother?

I love this movie, it’s a complete story, and for a change I like the ending, I like how all the characters are smart, and have their own lives outside their relationships, Emily could have used a little more character development, but that’s a small issue.  I liked how they integrated politics into the story, and I loved how they referenced Jane Eyre, one of my favorite books throughout the film.  The acting is great, Ryan Reynolds is as good as I’ve ever seen him, funny, sweet and vulnerable.  Rachel Weisz is beautiful sophisticated yet funny and approachable.  Elizabeth Banks does her best with an underdeveloped role, but Isla Fisher is an absolute revelation as April, she is intelligent, tough, doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and the screen crackles with chemistry whenever she is onscreen with Reynolds.  I thought she would be a huge star when I first saw this movie.  I still think she can be.  Abigail Breslin is perfect as Maya, she is precocious without being obnoxious, and as she hears more of her dad’s story, she really only wants him to be happy.  It’s really a complex role and she pulls it off.  Kevin Kline is funny as a lecherous college professor, and Derek Luke is good as Russell, Will’s friend and eventual consulting partner.  This is one of my favorite romantic comedies, because its truly funny, and sometimes touching and sad.  This and Bridget Jones Diary, are right up there in the rom-com department.  In a genre where movies are churned out and predictable, this one is distinctive and unique.  Even the soundtrack is outstanding.

Definitely Maybe.  Definitely.


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