Movie Review: Pitch Perfect (2012)

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Comedy, Music, Romance
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pitch perfect

Beca (Anna Kendrick) is a freshman at Barden University, the big activity at Barden is a-capella singing.  Beca wants none of it, she wants to be a DJ, but her father says if she can stay in school for a year, and still doesn’t like it, he will pay for her to become a DJ, but she has to have at least one school activity.  Beca reluctantly joins the Bellas, the all-female a-capella singing group.  The leader of the Bellas, Aubrey (Anna Camp) always picked the cutest girls to be part of the Bellas, but she’s had to lower the physical standards for the Bellas a bit, because she vomited all over the audience at last year’s finals, so she lets Beca join, as well as Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Cynthia Rose (Esther Dean) who’s also a big girl, and may or may not be a lesbian. The Bellas main rivals, are the Treblemakers, the all-male a-capella group led by an egomaniac, named Bumper. (Adam Devine) Bumper has recently added Jesse (Skylar Astin) to the Treblemakers.  Jesse knows Beca from the radio station where they both work, they’ve become quote close,  but Aubrey’s number one rule is that no Bella ever date or sleep with a Treblemaker. The Bellas make the regionals, but Becca notices that they’re doing the same songs as last year, when they llost, she wants to spice things up a bit with some new mashups, will she get any support from the new Bellas?  Will she get support from Aubrey’s oldest friend and right hand, Chloe? (Brittany Snow )

Of course Pitch Perfect was made because of the popularity of the Glee tv series, and it shares many attributes with Glee, it’s about singing, of course, it’s about outcasts trying to meld with the popular kids  to form a great singing group, and there’s some sexual tension thrown in between the leads.  Some of the characters almost devolve into stereotypes.  Fat Amy is loud and brassy, an Asian member of the group can barely be heard above a whisper, and there’s the ubiquitous gay/lesbian character .  And even though some of the characters aren’t stereotypical, they’re commonly portrayed negative female types.  Aubrey’s the head cheerleader type, a control freak, a person who wants to be queen of her fiefdom, no matter how small it is, and Chloe is a sycophant, who goes along to get along.  And some of the writing even borrows from Dodgeball, believe it or not.

But this movie works, why does it work?  Because it is funny, the music is good, and the actors are endearing.  Anna Kendrick would not have been my first choice for Beca, she’s 26, and hardly looks like a college freshman, but she works as a comic foil for Aubrey, and there is some chemistry between her and Skylar Astin.  Anna Camp really humanizes Aubrey and Brittany Snow is sweet and likeable,  in what could have been a throwaway role. The music is what makes this movie fun, sure there’s Bruno Mars, Price Tag, all the current hits, but there are enough songs from the 80’s and 90’s to keep the older folks happy, like “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” “Don’t You Forget About Me.” and No Diggitty.  Yes there’s autotune, but you must be used to that from Glee, right?  So forget all the shotcomings and enjoy.  Would I let a tween watch it? No, the humor is a bit heavy on sexual references, but an older teen yes.

Pitch Perfect:  Gleefully good.


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