Movie Review: Upside Down (2013)

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Drama, Romance


In a distant galaxy, the inhabitants of two planets with opposite gravitational pull have distinctly different outlooks on life.  The residents of the upper planet take the natural resources from the lower planet including oil, and live a life of splendor, while those in the lower planet live a life of squalor.  As kids, Adam (Jim Sturgess) from the lower world meets Eden (Kirsten Dunst) from the upper world.  People from the lower world are not supposed to associate with people from the upper world. As time goes on, the authorities in the upper world find out about Adam, and chase him back to the lower world.  In the dispute, Eden gets shot and suffers from amnesia.

When Adam sees Eden on television, he hatches a plan to get a job in the upper world’s biggest corporation named Transworld.  Adam has an idea to make a homemade facelift cream from pink bee pollen for the rich old ladies of the upper world.  Transworld loves the idea, Adam meets Eden, but she has amnesia.  Does she eventually remember her childhood sweetheart?  What happens when the authorities from the upper world find out that Adam is back?

When  the voice over narration begins on this movie, so does the cringing.  The science fiction doesn’t work at all.  There seem to be humans on both of these planets, who have evolved in the very same way as humans on earth, not only that, there are trees, and horses, and guns and television, and not a word about how this parallel universe came into being.  As if that isn’t bad enough,  we humans still use oil, and still have ruthless corporations.  I thought Avatar’s use of politics was heavy handed, Upside Down is worse.Yes, it’s more of the 1% against the 99%.  This theme can be artfully done, like the Dark Knight Rises, or it can be poorly done like Upside Down.  Upside Down was also obviously trying to get in on the Twilight Sci-fi Romance genre bending popularity and failing miserably.  Pattinson is a Brit, Kristen Stewart is an American, put an American girl with a British guy in a sappy love story and watch the money roll in.  Not so fast.

Kirsten Dunst’s career hasn’t moved since she played Mary Jane Watson in 2007 in Spider Man 3.  This is the exact same character she played in the Spider Man series, not an iota of difference.  And Jim Sturgess’ struggles with an American accent make Pattinson look like Laurence Olivier.  They  are both too old to be in a teen romance.  Sturgess is 35, and Dunst is 31, which teenager is going to see these old fogies fall in love with one another?  From how quickly this went to dvd, not many people watched at all.  But I’m glad I reviewed this movie, this is the reason I started this blog, to warn people about bad movies, and also share movies that I love with you. Guess which category this movie falls into?

Upside Down Made me want to Upchuck.


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