TV Movie Review: The Sound Of Music Live! (2013)

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Music, Romance, TV


Maria Rainer, a free spirit,  (Carrie Underwood)  who is an aspiring nun, leaves the abbey to become a governess to seven all to obedient children of an Austrian Naval Captain named Georg Von Trapp. (Stephen Moyer) Maria teaches the kids to sing, and starts to fall in love with Georg, but Georg plans to marry Elisa Schrader (Elisa Benanti) What will Maria’s reaction to that news be?  And what will Georg, a fervent Austrian nationalist, do about the rising Nazi presence in Austria?  Will he give in?  Or will he stay true to his principles?

I watched the original version of The Sound of Music when I was a kid and don’t remember the storyline much.  If I want to see holiday movies with Austrians, I’ll watch Jingle All The Way.  Anyway, I’m not going to do what a lot of critics did, which is pick on Carrie Underwood, she sang pretty well, and that’s what she is, a singer.  Her voice was a little thin, and she did have a tendency to over sing certain songs, but her singing was above average in my opinion.  She had the unenviable task of following Julie Andrews in this role, which is kind of like following Lou Gehrig at first base.  Andrews has an operatic voice and is a wonderful actress.  Carrie Underwood is a good singer, and not a very good actress, and that’s where this tv adaptation fell apart, she sounded like an American on holiday in Europe, and rushed all her lines, like she was nervous.   Stephen Moyer has the opposite problem, he’s a pretty good actor with a lousy singing voice, I say pretty good actor, because I liked him in True Blood, not because he was particularly good here.  I say lousy singing voice because it was laughably bad.  I could barely hear it at some points, it was weak and wavering, not worthy of a 6th grade recital, never mind a live stage show.  Audra McDonald was very good, as the Mother Abess, her voice is incredible, and he acting is extremely good as well, if there was any justice, McDonald should have been Maria, but the world is not ready for a black Maria Von Trapp.

In all, it’s a good remake, it is impossible to think that anyone could fill the shoes of Julie Andrew in this role, so don’t think that anyone can.  It’s something you can watch with your kids, and you will see it again because I’m sure NBC will replay it every year, because it was a ratings bonanza for the struggling network.  If they want to do Broadway on tv, why not Wicked with Kristen Chenoweth, she’s famous enough and boy can she sing, something to think about for next Halloween NBC.

The Sound of Music Made a lot of dough re me for its network.


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