Movie Review: The Croods (2013)

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Animation, Comedy
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the croods

Grug (Nicholas Cage) is a caveman head of the Crood family, who keeps his family safe by following one simple rule, don’t leave the cave. But his daughter Eep (Emma Stone) is curious about the world outside the cave. One night, she sneaks out of the cave, and follows a glowing light source, and finds the source of the light, a dude named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) making what he calls fire. When Eep goes back to meet Grug, he finds out where she was and grounds her. But just when Grug thinks everything is under control, an earthquake wipes out their cave. Eep tells Grug about Guy’s idea about seeking higher ground, and soon the family is on a trek to the mountains, discovering shoes and Guy’s other inventions, like animal traps and cooked food. Do they make it to the mountains?

The Croods is a serviceable animated film, with all kinds of lessons about learning to take risks outside the safety of everyday life. A lot of the jokes are aimed at the younger set, 10 and below, but the idea of the first family road trip is somewhat inventive and a better than expected ending, makes the movie more enjoyable than it appears. The animation in certain scenes is very impressive, and the theme is uplifting. There’s a really good performance by Nicholas Cage, he seems better at doing over the top comedic roles like Big Daddy in Kick Ass or this role, than those dumb action flicks like Ghost Rider and Drive Angry. He makes the role of overprotective dad more emotional than most actors, because deep down, he is a good actor taking mostly poorly written roles. Emma Stone is good as the defiant, adventurous daughter, and this is one of Ryan Reynolds better roles, that’s not saying much, but he’s funny and makes a good love interest, playing the more evolved human, Guy. Cloris Leachman plays the wise-cracking mother-in-law, nothing new in her role. But ultimately, this movie falls short because there’s not enough here for the adults, the humor is kind of crude, pun intended.

The Croods: Crudely drawn entertainment for kids.



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