Movie Review: This is The End (2013)

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Comedy


Seth Rogen meets his friend Jay Baruchel and introduces Jay to his Hollywood friends at James Franco’s housewarming.  As Jay and Seth are getting cigarettes at a convenience store, there is an earthquake, and many of Franco’s friends are sucked into a sinkhole.  Seth and Jay make it back to Franco’s house, where there are only a handful of survivors, Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride.  Is this simply an earthquake, a sinkhole, and some forest fires, or is there something more at work here?

This is an interesting concept that started out as a short movie, but it’s mostly badly executed, marred by frat boy hijinks , drug humor, product placement, and excessive length.  It was probably better as a short film, the length definitely detracts from the humor. It felt like most of the script was ad-libbed, and most of the ad-libs weren’t funny.  There are some funny parts, one featuring Michael Cera, and one featuring Emma Watson, who should consider doing more comedies, I didn’t expect her to be as funny as she was.  The movie redeems itself somewhat towards the end, but far too late to recommend it.

I like Seth Rogen, he was good in 50/50 and Funny People, but this was too self-indulgent, full of humor he likes, because he “co-wrote” it.  There was no one to rein him in. Jonah Hill playing a typical Hollywood phony, was neither funny nor particularly interesting.  Franco was morally ambivalent, and not very funny.  Craig Robinson was not very funny, either. Jay Baruchel was the moral compass of the movie, and with this bunch, that’s not saying a lot.   I’m sure they make each other laugh sitting around at parties, but that doesn’t always translate on film.

This is definitely not a movie for kids, bad language, scatological humor, nudity, drug use, definitely not for the young ones.

This Is the End.  Most of the script should have been left behind.


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