Movie Review: Enough Said (2013)

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Comedy

enough said

Eva (Julia Louis Dreyfus) is a divorced masseuse with a daughter named Ellen (Tracy Fairaway) who’s going off to college this year.  Eva meets Albert (James Gandolfini) at a party, and although the two don’t hit it off immediately, they develop a rapport and are soon dating.  At the same time, Eva meets a new massage client named Marianne (Catherine Keener) who is going through a bad divorce. Eva finds out something about Albert that makes him less attractive to her, and all of a sudden, nothing Albert does is good enough for Eva.  What does Eva find out?  What happens to Eva and Albert’s relationship?

Why did anyone like this insipid, awkward, insulting piece of trash?  This movie was marketed to older people and was supposed to be a mature relationship movie.  Really?  This movie makes a sitcom like Big Bang Theory seem mature by comparison.  Albert’s sweatpants come open, and Eva points it out to him.  The number of fat related jokes must have been an embarrassment to Gandolfini.  The storyline is oh so predictable, with a false ending to boot.  The movie is 95 minutes long, but feels much longer.

Dreyfus is the queen of awkward pauses, a style that she patented on Seinfeld, she’s also funny on Veep, but she’s stuck between drama and comedy here, and her performance is exasperating. The masseuse character got old fast, it was just the same two or three jokes as a running gag.  I was hoping for better for Gandolfini, because the last movie I saw him in, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, was awful.  Frankly, this wasn’t much better.  Catherine  Keener plays a poet.  Who makes a living as a poet?  Her character is a shrew as well.  Toni Collette plays a wife who is impossible to get along with, who might be a xenophobe. Oh yeah, the older generation is going to love this. I’m being sarcastic.

Enough Said:  Enough already.


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