TV Review: Katt Williams: Priceless (2014)

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Comedy


Comedian Katt Williams has controversial takes on religion, evolution, racism, homophobia, drug use, and the police.

People may be wondering why I don’t like Kevin Hart.  It’s because Kevin Hart makes movies that are polar opposite of Katt Williams, safe, predictable, pasteurized.  I don’t know why I like Katt Williams so much, is it his distinctive nasal twang, is it his cadence, is it his ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude?  It is all of that and more.  Katt Williams is just what stand-up comedy needs right now, a kick in the pants, to put it politely.  His attitudes about certain things are definitely not politically correct, but that is exactly what makes him funny.

Williams opinions of TV star Paula Deen, and reality show Swamp People may surprise you, as might his views on religion, evolution, atheists, and the big bang theory, (the scientific theory not the tv show) but he definitely doesn’t sugarcoat anything.  In fact, he punctuates each sentence with a few f-bombs and n words, so I suggest keeping the kids away.  There are some decidedly urban references (If you don’t know who Suge Knight is, one joke will go right over your head).  But he has references for everyone in this nearly one hour show, and nearly all of it was laugh out loud funny.  Do not, I repeat, do not show this to kids or watch this in front of your kids. In fact, Williams has had charges connected to endangering his children, for having guns and drugs in his house with his kids. I’m not vouching for the guy’s character, I am vouching for his funnybone.  He is very funny. He even jokes about being arrested five times in five days, and no surprise, it’s funny.  Katt Williams may not be your cup of tea, and that’s ok, but he’s the closest stand-up comedian to Richard Pryor that I’ve seen since Pryor’s passing, and that’s as high a compliment as I can pay him.

The only thing I really don’t understand is Spike Lee directing this.  The direction added nothing to this show, and yet Lee’s name is featured prominently in the credits.

Katt Williams:  Priceless.  Mr. Williams is a wild Katt.


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