Movie Review: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Comedy
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anchorman 2

It is the 1980’s, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and Veronica Corningstone  (Christina Applegate) are now married, and co-anchoring the news in New York.  Legendary new anchor (Mack Tannen) is retiring and Ron thinks he’s going to be chosen to succeed him, but Mack chooses Veronica.  Ron’s oversized ego is shattered.  He ends up at Seaworld, introducing the marine acts.  He meets Freddy Shapp  (Dylan Baker) who has an idea to start a 24-hour news channel with airline magnate, Kench Allenby.  (Josh Lawson) Ron reunites the news team that rocketed him to fame in San Diego.  Sportcaster Champ Kind (David Koechner) is selling fried bats as fried chicken.  Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) is a famous cat photographer,and Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) is presumed dead, but shows up at his own funeral.  Ron’s given the graveyard shift, but he has an idea that may revolutionize news, but does it work?

I wanted to love this movie, but a lot of this movie is a re-hash of the first movie.  Ron is an egomaniac, due for a comeuppance, and he gets several. Brick Tamland is the same incredibly dumb character he played in the first movie.  Champ Kind is now an offensive racist. The satire of CNN, and Ted Turner is obvious.  The relationship between Ron and his black female boss mirrors that of Ron and Victoria in the first movie, with Ron embarrassing himself in front of her family.  The problem is very few of the jokes work, and many of them are downright cringeworthy. Ron’s scenes with his son, and new boss just didn’t work.  On top of all that the movie is way too long, one set of scenes had Ron’s son raising a shark as a pet, if that was a Free Willy satire, it didn’t work.  Those scenes should have been removed. The whole movie takes too long to develop and the payoff isn’t worth it.

Will Ferrell plays the same officious boor that he played in the first movie, it was tolerable in the first movie, it is not in this movie. Ferrell has made a career out of playing unapologetic jerks, and it’s wearing thin. Christina Applegate has less to do, and is therefore less funny.  Steve Carell has gone from  one of my favorite comedic actors, to being one of  the most annoying actors in the movies,  I don’t know what Greg Kinnear is doing in this movie, but whatever it is, it’s not funny.  Paul  Rudd is the only person who redeems himself in this movie, and he doesn’t have nearly enough funny lines. There are a bunch of famous cameos in one of the final scenes, but the cameo scene, soon dissolves into unfunny excess.

There is nothing of note about the direction, except for a few wasted special effects and a plethora of scenes that should have ended up on the cutting room floor.

This is yet another sequel that never should have been made.

Anchorman.  Weighed down by too many unfunny jokes.


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