Classic Movie Review: Mrs Doubtfire (1993)‏

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Comedy
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mrs doubtfire

Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is a struggling voice-over actor whose wife, Miranda, (Sally Field) wants a divorce.  After a bitter custody battle, the kids end up with Miranda.  Miranda is a devoted career woman who doesn’t have time to take care of her kids, and doesn’t want Daniel to take care of them either, because she views him as irresponsible so she puts an ad in the paper for a nanny.  In a desperate attempt to stay with his kids, Daniel asks his gay brother Frank (Harvey Fiiertein) to dress him up as Mrs Doubtfire, who is going to try to be the new nanny for his ex-wife.  While Daniel is getting his makeover, Miranda is reuniting with an old flame named Stu. (Pierce Brosnan)  Can Daniel fool his wife as Mrs Doubtfire? Can Daniel break up the smoldering romance between Stu and Miranda?

This is my favorite Robin Williams comedy, Not only does he show his seemingly unlimited talent to ad lib, but he also shows a real vulnerable side, he gets in touch with his feminine side, literally, and he is a sensitive and loving woman, and that makes him a better man,  Daniel truly loves his kids and that is abundantly clear throughout the movie, and that humanizes a character, that could have easily been a two dimensional one joke character The laughs are consistent and abundant, the rivalry between Stu and Daniel mines more laughs to an already funny movie, and the ending is surprisingly realistic for such a lighthearted film,  without being saccharine.
Robin Williams gives the standout performance here, ad-libbing effortlessly, and giving the widowed Mrs Doubtfire an unexpected sweetness, and the viewer will lose himor herself in the Doubtfire character.  At some point the viewer will absolutely forget that Robin Williams is under that makeup, and that’s all  a credit to Williams and his skill at voices and mannerisms.  Sally Field plays against type here, and plays the heavy, but still retains her sweetness, which is a credit to her skill as an actress.   Pierce Brosnan does a great comedic turn as Stu, a smarmy love interest.  Harvey Fierstein’s voice just makes me laugh, and he’s got some funny lines as well.  This is a really funny touching movie, and as fitting a tribute as I could find to Robin Williams voluminous talent.
Mrs. Doubtfire:  Never a drag.

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