Movie Review: 2 Guns (2013)‏

Posted: November 15, 2014 in Drama
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2 Guns

A DEA agent named Bobby (Denzel Washington) and a Naval intelligence officer named Stig (Mark Wahlberg) plan to rob the Tres Cruces bank and trace the three million dollars back to drug dealer Papi Greco. (Edward James Olmos)  Bobby plans to catch Papi, with the help of his girlfriend, DEA associate, Deb. (Paula Patton)  The robbery goes off without a hitch, but Deb never shows up, and there’s a lot more money in the bank than Papi’s 3 million, 43 million to be exact.  Bobby and Stig take the money, but suddenly Bobby is framed for killing his DEA boss, and the Navy is after Stig.  Who does the 40 million dollars belong to?  Who does the money end up with?

2 Guns actually gets off to a good start.  Crisp, funny, fast paced dialogue.  Good interplay between the lead characters and sexual tension between Bobby and Deb.  The story soon devolves into standard Hollywood filler, car chases, shootings, and explosions.  The character development is forgotten in place of more “action sequences.”  The “action” drags the whole movie down, and the movie is about half an hour too long to begin with.  By the time the secret of who owns the 40 million dollars is revealed, I really couldn’t care less.
The acting is good, better than the script deserves.  This movie is an example of the actors being better than the words written for them.  Denzel Washington is an Academy Award Winner and he shows why.  He’s completely at ease with the character and he tosses the banter with Wahlberg with the ease of a quarterback tossing a football to an open wide receiver.  Wahlberg is also at ease with the snappy dialogue and has good comedic timing and an excellent repartee with Washington.  Patton is nice to look at, and seems to have some chemistry with Washington, but her performance is similar to Baggage Claim, and I’ve realized she’s not much of a character actress, the performance is fine in a light comedy, but this is supposed to be a more dramatic film.  Edward James Olmos gives a standard issue performance as a drug kingpin, no nuance, nothing special.
The movie is long, and the pacing is odd, I found the movie actually slowed down when the action sequences started or maybe I zoned out, because the action is so similar to every other action cop buddy movie.  I really thought this movie would be different, edgier, but it wasn’t.
2 Guns: Misfires.

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