Movie Review: That Awkward Moment (2013)‏

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Comedy, Romance

that awkward moment

Jason (Zac Efron) is a commitment-phobic man who meets Ellie (Imogeen Potts) in a bar and sleeps with her.  Jason inexplicably concludes that Ellie is a hooker, and Ellie inexplicably forgives him for his idiotic conclusion.  Daniel (Miles Teller) is Jason’s wingman and he has a friend with benefits named Chelsea. (Mackenzie Davis) Another of Jason’s friends Mikey (Michael B. Jordan is going through a painful divorce with his wife Vera. (Jessica Lucas)  Jason and Daniel vow to stay single for as long as Mikey is single, but what about Jason’s relationship with Ellie, and Daniel’s relationship with Chelsea?
That Awkward Moment stumbles from one awkward moment to another.  It starts with the Jason character jumping to a wickedly off base conclusion, and Ellie being angry for about five minutes, and forgiving him.  What beautiful girl forgives a guy for calling her a prostitute?  No girl, that’s who.  This movie further departs from reality when Ellie visits Jason with a bottle of scotch on her birthday, and plays video games with his friends.  This is obviously a male writer’s fantasy of what a girlfriend is, it has no relation to reality whatsoever.  Daniel a plain looking guy, has a gorgeous friend, who he sleeps with and wants to meet even more gorgeous women, and Mikey has the most gorgeous wife in the world and meets an equally gorgeous girl at the bar who hands him her number, in the matter of a minute.  Where is this bar?  I’d like to go.  And what is Jason’s job, he designs book covers for a publishing house?  Is that a job?  I know what an illustrator is, what is a book jacket designer?  Then when all seems to be well, there is a truly embarrassing scene at Ellie’s house with her parents, and still the relationship persists.  So he has a dream job, can sleep with any woman he wants, consequence free, and has a girlfriend who’s so desperate for his affection that she keeps going out with him, despite the lack of commitment.  And this is related to reality how? This movie  is trying to be a Judd Apatow film, that is neither as funny as an Apatow film or as well-written as some of Apatow’s films.  When the film stops being asinine, it starts being morose, and the transition is so sudden that the viewer doesn’t know what hit him.
Is anyone watching this supposed to be happy to see Zac Efron, the star of High School Musical, in a grown up role, featuring cursing and sleeping around?  Sorry, but that’s not enough reason for me to watch this movie. Efron tries mightily to be funny and charming with a quip always at the ready, but ultimately, the script fails him.  Miles Teller brings nothing to this role, except a snarky attitude, why would anyone date this guy?  Michael B. Jordan plays a sad sack who can’t seem to forget his wife, no matter what.  He has nowhere to go with this role.  I feel badly for the women in this movie, who are led by the nose by these men.  Imogeen Potts ties to make Ellie sophisticated, but comes across as desperate and cloying.
The movie is long, and the pacing is slow, but the bad script and not the direction that sinks this movie.
That Awkward Moment.  That Awkward Film.

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