TV Movie: Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014)‏

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Comedy, TV

hello ladies

Stuart (Stephen Merchant) is a gangly, awkward British web designer andlandlord, who had a relationship who had a British girlfriend, named Trudy (Henrietta Miere) who started dating a jerk from work named Mike (Adam Campbell) breaking Stuart’s heart.  After Trudy breaks his heart and gets married to Mike, Stuart moves to L.A., finds a clumsy wingman named Wade, and rents an apartment to a former actress named  Jessica. (Christine Woods)  Stuart has acquired a taste for  fashion models during his time in Los Angeles.   Stuart meets a Russian model named Tatiana  (Stephanie Cornielieussen) and plans to make Trudy jealous with his conquest.  At the last minute, Tatiana breaks the date.  Desperate for a date to impress Trudy, Stuart asks Jessica to step in, does Jessica agree?  Is Trudy jealous?

There are so many funny scenes in this movie, laugh-out loud funny scenes.  Christine’s audition for a yogurt commercial, Stuart trying to pick up the Russian model on a boat party. and an unforgettable cameo from Nicole Kidman, The plot is predictable from beginning to end, but the jokes are so funny that the plot hardly matters.  I never saw the tv show that this movie is based on, but this movie does a good job of explaining the backstory of the the tv show and being a stand alone movie of its own.
Writer and lead actor Stephen Merchant builds a world where a geeky, freakishily tall man can date Russian models, and it seems almost plausible.  His delivery is so deadpan, that it makes the jokes even more funny.  Christine Woods has a definite Julia Louis Dreyfuss quality about her and has excellent comic timing.  The rest of the ensemble plays their roles to a tee and makes the entire movie a pleasant experience.
The movie is not long, and perfectly paced for a comedy.  Sit back and enjoy.
Hello Ladies:  Goodbye boredom.


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