TV Review: The Concert for Valor (2014)‏

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Music, TV
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Concert_For Valor

Musicians and actors team up to honor our nation’s veterans with a live concert in D.C. on Veteran’s Day.

There were standout performances byJennifer Hudson singing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Then Dave Grohl gave a powerful acoustic performance of “Hero.”  Zac Brown did “All Alright” and did an amazing acoustic guitar solo.  Zac Brown, Grohl, and Bruce Springsteen did an incredibly good version of “Fortunate Son”, complete with electric guitar solo from Bruce himself, rare indeed. The song created controversy in some corners because it’s an anti war song, but what it really discusses is that wars are usually fought by the poorest among us, which is still the case.  The Black Keys did a nice rendition of “Lonely Boy.”  Carrie Underwood did an emotionally charged version of her song “Before He Cheats”  I liked Rihanna’s version of “Diamonds” but I think she and Jessie J were lip-syncing, their voices were too perfect.  Metallica did “Master of Puppets” but looked like geezers playing the same songs they were playing almost 30 years ago.  Lars Ulrich especially looks like he’s more ready for the rocking chair rather than ready to rock.  Eminem did a rousing performance of “Not Afraid.”  But the best performance of all was Springsteen doing a chilling version of “Born in The USA” with an acoustic guitar and slide.  Bruce, your songs are great, your lyrics are powerful, but please lose the cheesy harmonica solos.
Interspersed with the songs were heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking video vignettes of veterans who exemplify the spirit of selflessness and service embodied by our men and women in uniform, the video tributes really rounded out the show in a powerful way.  Not only have these men and women given all on the battlefield, but they’ve come back home to strengthen the towns and cities in which they live.

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