Movie Review: The Other Woman (2014)

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Comedy, Romance
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The Other Woman

Mark (Nicolaj Coster Waldau) is a successful businessman, Carly (Cameron Diaz) is a successful lawyer, the two seem to be headed for relationship bliss until Carly takes the advice of her father Frank, (Don Johnson) and surprises Mark at home.  There Carly meets Mark’s wife, Kate. (Leslie Mann)  When Carly realizes that she is Mark’s mistress, she wants nothing to do with Kate, but the two ladies form an uneasy friendship.  That friendship threatens to end when Kate thinks that Carly has resumed her affair with Mark, but they both find out that Mark has another mistress named Amber.  (Kate Upton) Amber feels sorry for both Carly and Kate, and the three plot revenge on Mark.  Do they succeed?

This is supposed to be a funny revenge fantasy.  But this movie has two major problems, it’s not funny and the revenge is mostly juvenile.  The stupidity begins when Carly takes relationship advice from her father who is a letch who’s been married five times. What valuable relationship advice could he possibly have?  Then, Kate and Carly follow Mark around like they are detectives.  Carly is a lawyer, take Mark to court and sue the pants off him, instead of doing that they engage in some grade school pranks which tests the viewer’s patience repeatedly. Carly says that Mark is with Amber for sex, this is after Carly has admitted sleeping with Mark 50 times or more.  Does that make sense? And why would Phil, Kate’s brother,  fall for Carly after she’s broken up his sister’s marriage, and slept with his brother-in-law so many times?  This is supposed to be an empowering movie, if that’s the case, then why does Carly refer to Amber as boobs the first time they meet, and why is Amber objectified so much after that?  Why is Kate whining and crying for half the movie, and drunk for the other half? Why is Carly made so promiscuous?  This is empowerment? The women seem to bond over booze and pot, which is not exactly the best way to form a lasting relationship.  Kate Upton’s opening scene is a ripoff of Bo Derek’s scene in 10.  But 10 was funny, Dudley Moore made sure of that.  This dreck isn’t close to being funny, and what they do to Ashley at the end of this movie is unforgivable. Worst of all this waste of time is written by a woman, proving that women can be just as inept as men when writing women’s roles.

The performances are poor in this film.  Leslie Mann needs a new character archetype to play, she was the nagging wife in This is 40, she plays the needy wife in this movie.  Cameron Diaz is a high powered lawyer who finds herself in excruciatingly stupid situations.  This is far from her best work.  Her best movie is Being John Malkovich and There’s Something About Mary.  She’s not done anything good for a while, which is sad, because she can be funny. Kate Upton was in this movie for one reason, to get those teen and 20 something guys into the theater.  An 83 million box office?  Mission Accomplished.  What is Nikki Manaj doing in this movie?  And what’s with the nasal delivery of her lines?  It was awful.  Waldau lets his European accent slip through a few times.

The movie is too long, nothing visual about this movie, other than Upton.   And the camera lingers on her a little too long.  Slow pacing, horrible performances, lousy direction, bad movie.

The Other Woman.  Cheats its audience.



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