Movie Review: The Theory of Everything (2014)

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Drama, Romance

the theory of everything

Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) is a physicist at Cambridge with an incredibly facile mind.  He meets the love of his life, Jane Wyatt (Felicity Jones) while doing his doctoral thesis at Cambridge.  The two fall in love, but then Hawking is diagnosed with ALS.   The doctors give him two years to live, he tries to push Jane away, but she loves him completely and refuses to leave him.  The two get married, have three kids, but the strain of Hawking’s disability is putting a strain on their marriage.  Jane finds solace by going to choir practice on her church.  The choir practice is led by a handsome young widowed priest, Johnathan (Charlie Cox) Jane and Johnathan get closer, as Stephen’s health continues to deteriorate.  Does Jane’s friendship and Stephen’s deteriorating health put a stain on their marriage?

Stephen Hawking’s story is an incredible one.  He is a man who thinks about things that most people couldn’t even begin to think about.  When he’s on the verge of personal and professional triumph, he is struck with an incurable degenerative nerve disease.  The movie is based on Jane Hawking’s book, so it concentrates more on the romance, than the physics, and that’s ok, because the romance is incredible. There are moments that are hard to watch, and the story gets a bit too salacious when showing the relationship between Jane and Jonathan, and what should have been an uplifting story had a quite depressing ending, which actually detracted from the film.  The film seemed to play up the fact that Stephen was an atheist and Jane was a devout Christian,  I didn’t think that was necessary

Eddie Redmayne is quite amazing in this role, the way he physically contorts his face and body makes it easy to visualize the ravages of the disabling disease.  The pain and suffering of his disability is etched on his face.  Felicity Jones is also very good as Jane who stays devoted to Stephen through the most difficult of times.  Charlie Cox is good in a difficult role.  Maxine Peake is very good as Elaine, Hawking’s caregiver.  Of all the nominees I’ve seen, Redmayne should win best actor, he probably won’t but he should.  It was a very difficult role, phisally and emotionally.

The direction was nothing spectacular, but the pacing was good.

The Theory of Everything:  Watch this like a hawk.


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