Classic Book Review: What Pet Should I Get? By Dr. Seuss (2015)

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Books


The kids from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish are back, and this time they have a choice to make, they have to figure out what pet to get. Limited by money and time they fall in love with each pet they see, but they can’t have them all, so they have to pick between fish, bird, dog and cat, among others.  Which pet do they get? That would give away the ending and that I would not do, to find the ending is up to you.

Why would I get a kids’ book? Because my friends, Theodore Geisel is not an ordinary writer, two of my favorite books are Green Eggs and Ham, which taught me to try new things, something very difficult for kids to do, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which taught me that love can change the world.  Any author who can impart those messages in such a lyrical, imaginative way deserves all the praise I can lavish on him.  If you’re a child or child at heart, enjoy!

The same lyrical poetry is here,

Some new creatures too,

So should you read it, should you?

Do not fear.

Go ahead buy this book,

You won’t have regret,

Give it a look.

You’ll like it I bet.

Let it fill you with childlike delight

It very well may,

It very well might,

Bring wonderment your day.

You definitely won’t snooze.

You will pay but a small fee,

It’s better than a cruise.

And better, as you can see,

Than Seuss-like  poetry written by me.


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