TV Review: Bobby Fischer Against The World (2011)

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Documentary

Bobby Fischer against the world

A documentary about American Chess Champion Bobby Fischer.

This is a very interesting documentary about Fischer and his obsessive personality, but not only his personality disorder, but the personality disorder of many other famous chess players of the past.  The film also delved into the psychology of the Fischer/Spasky match itself, Fisher threw Spasky completely off his game. The film talks about his relationship with his mother, which was strained at best, the cold war politics that played a big role in his rise to fame, his triumphant victory over Boris Spasky, and his ignominious fall from grace.

The fall from grace is perhaps more interesting than his rise to prominence, what does one do when he achieves the pinnacle of his game at age 29?  This film answers that question in a brutal, uncompromising way, and that’s why I liked it, it doesn’t sugarcoat the truth about what he became, it just tells the story, and lays the facts out for what they are.

I love chess, I’ve played it badly for many years, but the viewer doesn’t have to play chess to find this documentary to be a fascinating study of a man that many people know of but many people know nothing about.  This documentary made me glad that chess was only a hobby for me and never an obsession.

Bobby Fisher: A pawn entrapped in his own mind games.


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