TV Review: Ferrell Takes the Field (2015)

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Comedy


Will Ferrell attempts to play 10 positions in 5 ballparks one day during Spring Training.  His efforts raised money for a charity called Cancer For College.

I wasn’t sure about this special, other than The Lego Movie, Ferrell’s movies have not been great, so this special had a short leash for me.  It could have been a spectacular failure, but it was actually pretty funny, I was pleasantly surprised.  Particularly funny were the sessions with the A’s and Dodgers.  Some gags did not work, but there were lots of laugh out loud moments.

Ferrell didn’t really make a fool of himself playing baseball, he made a few plays, that would be considered routine for a pro player, but for an actor and a comedian, the plays were pretty good.  If you like baseball, you will like this special.  If you don’t like baseball, you still might like this special.  It’s clear that Ferrell likes baseball.

Ferrell Takes The Field:  Not a home run, but a definite triple.


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