TV Review: Living With Lincoln (2015)

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Documentary

living with lincoln

The story of one family’s multigenerational collection of Abe Lincoln memorabilia.

This is a fascinating documentary, what makes it fascinating, is that the collection brought the family together, overwhelmed them and the obsession with the collection actually cost the family quite a bit in the end.  The documentarian’s mother actually deserves a film of her own, she is that interesting.  Her life is harrowing and enthralling all at once, and the ups and downs of her life seems to curiously mirror Lincoln’s ups and downs.  I like history, especially Civil War history, but this is more about one family’s story than a documentary about the Civil War.

At the same time, some of the pictures of Lincoln that the family had were pictures that nobody else had, so this documentary has historical importance too.  It’s amazing to see those photos and hear from the 5 generations of the family who painstakingly collected and documented this collection.  Living With Lincoln doesn’t carry the historical sweep of Ken Burns’ Civil War, but it does pack a lot of poignant and powerful moments into a little more than an hour.

Living With Lincoln:  A good film, honest.


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