Movie Review: Trainwreck (2015)

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Comedy


Amy (Amy Schumer,Devin Fabry) is a writer for a trendy magazine called S’nuff.  She dates around and sleeps around, but she doesn’t want to settle for one guy.  She’s dating Steven (John Cena) a musclebound guy who dreams of being a crossfit trainer, and having kids.  Amy doesn’t share that vision, so they break up.  Amy’s editor, Dianna (Tilda Swinton) wants her to write a sports related story for the magazine, and Amy agrees, even though she hates sports.  While doing research for the story, Amy meets Dr. Aaron Connors, (Bill Hader) a sports doctor who works with NBA stars Lebron James and Amare Stoudemire.  After a few dates, Dr. Connors wants to get serious, but Amy who’s never had a serious relationship, doesn’t know if she wants to commit to Aaron or not.  Does she commit to Dr. Connors, or does she continue to live her life commitment-free?

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, I like her stand-up, I think her unapologetic style is refreshing.  But this movie is nothing like her stand-up routine.  She plays a whiny girl, who’s unsure of herself, and doesn’t seem to have any goals or direction in life.  Along comes this perfect guy, who’s a doctor, he works for Doctors Without Borders and she can’t commit to him?  Why the hell would he want to commit to her?  The romance never felt real, and so the movie suffered.  There’s also a wholly unnecessary subplot about her father being in assisted living and Amy and her sister fighting about it, that was pure manipulation.  And the ending is pure Hollywood drivel.  Ladies, if your boyfriend doesn’t like you, turn yourself into some brainless bimbo.  I thought Amy Schumer would write a sharper, funnier  movie than this, with lots of ad-lib. Instead we get a sappy dramedy with huge swaths of the movie containing no laughs. There are a few funny scenes, but they are too few and far between to save this all too serious comedy.

Amy Schumer is not ready for the big screen spotlight. All through the movie she has this pained look on her face, like she just drank sour milk.  I was looking for her to redefine romantic comedy in the end she wrote a very conventional movie.  Bill Hader is equally unfunny, who would believe him as a surgeon?  Not me.  The funnier performances were from unexpected actors, Tilda Swinton was very funny as the trendy magazine editor looking for the next hot trend, John Cena was very funny as Amy’s misunderstood musclehead boyfriend. Colin Quinn was good in a badly written role. Lebron James was bad at playing himself.  Amare Stoudemire was better than Lebron, at least as far as acting goes.

The direction by Judd Apatow was awful.  The pacing made a two hour movie seem like a 4 hour movie, and this was a two hour movie that did not need to be that long. And he did not get a good performance out of his star, Schumer.  Very disappointing directorial job by Apatow.

Trainreck An aptly named disaster of a movie.


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