Movie Review: Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Posted: December 27, 2015 in Animation, Comedy
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despicable me 2

Gru (Steve Carell) has given up his life of villainy, and is perfectly happy raising his three girls, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove) Edith (Dana Grier) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher) it’s Agnes’ birthday and Gru is happily making arrangements to make her birthday a memorable one.  Gru also has a jam and jelly business that he runs out of his basement.  Meanwhile, another Supervillain steals an entire Artic laboratory, the lab made PX41, a transmutation serum. An agent from The Anti-Villain League named Lucy (Kristen Wiig) tries to recruit Gru to catch the villain who’s making the serum.  The AVL found traces of the serum in the local mall.  The AVL thinks one of the mall’s businessmen is the supervillain, they want Gru to find the supervillain in the mall?  Does he accept the mission?

I’d say the first half hour of Despicable Me 2 is funny, but the writers concentrate too much on getting the single Gru paired off, the attempt to make this a romantic comedy really kills off any satire in this movie.  Gru was supposed to be a satire of a Bond villain, giving him kids in the first movie was sweet, giving him a love interest in this movie is distracting.  The movie is strangely violent as well, Lucy uses a lipstick taser, and Gru uses an ice gun and a big gun, filled with jelly.  Hollywood does what it usually does, fills any gaps in story with mindless action sequences.  This is a movie marketed to young kids and they’re being told that guns and tasers are a solution to problems, I find this disconcerting.  I also wonder if the ethnicity of the supervillains had any effect on the worldwide box office.  This movie features too much silly potty humor, too many minions, not enough sensitivity, and too little intelligent humor.

Steve Carell is excellent as Gru, anytime he’s in a scene the movie is tolerable and actually funny, and that’s part of the problem, it seems like he is not in enough of this film.  Kristen Wiig was good in Bridesmaids, but seems to be trying too hard here to be funny, maybe the writing for her wasn’t that good.  Steve Coogan and Russell Brand are largely wasted, as is Ken Jeong.  These are very funny actors, yet they’re not given anything funny to say.  I feel sorry for Benjamin Bratt, he used to be an A lister once upon a time.  No more, not with roles like this.

The movie is awfully slow for a movie that lasts for an hour and a half.  The only good performance is from Carell and maybe the little girl who plays Agnes, but other than those there was nothing that funny about any of the newer characters.  The animation is nothing to write home about either.

Despicable Me 2. Minions maximized, no growth for Gru.



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