TV Review: Whitney Cummings: I’m Your Girlfriend

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Comedy, TV

Whitney Cummings

TV Review:  Whitney Cummings:  I’m Your Girlfriend

The comedienne performs in Santa Monica California.

Whitney Cummings has achieved some television success as the writer and creator of the show Two Broke Girls as well as her own show Whitney.  Now Cummings takes to the stage and does a one hour stand-up comedy routine.  Here’s the problem with Whitney Cummings, her material isn’t that funny. She tries to be edgy and talk about sex like Amy Schumer, but it seems like Cummings has a whole different attitude than Schumer.  Schumer seeks only equality with men.  Schumer likes sex men like sex. That’s equality.  Cummings seems to have a superior attitude to her comedy, like she’s saying, ‘I have money, men will respect me.’  And one thing a comedian doesn’t want to do is condescend to their audience.  Schumer has a self-depreciating streak to her humor that makes her endearing to her audience.  That likeability factor is missing from Cummings show.

Shame on HBO for juxtaposing the Schumer and Cummings stand-up specials so close together, the comparison doesn’t bode well for Cummings.  Cummings brand of comedy only works on network tv, and judging from her mixed success on tv, it doesn’t work all the time.  I hope she saves all her money from Two Broke Girls and this tv special because she’s going to need every cent of it.  Based on this stand-up routine, her success will be short-lived.

Whitney Cummings One Broke Girl, very soon.


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