Music Review: Joe Bonamassa Different Shades of Blue (2014)

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Music

Joe Bonamassa

Hey Baby (Rising Sun) A Hendrix cover that sounds like Hendrix. Mission accomplished

Oh Beautiful:  Sounds more like a rock song, the opening guitar riff and bridge sound like Led Zep with Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar solo, bur the notes in the solo at times seem too fast and too well-phrased for the song. Vocals sound like Paul Rodgers of Bad Company.

Love Ain’t a Love Song:  Sounds like The Temptations “Ball of Confusion“ with horns from  the Lenny Kravitz song “Always on the Run.”

Living on The Moon: More a Traditional B.B. King type blues song. There’s a Stevie Ray Vaughn sounding solo. Vocals again sound like Paul Rodgers

Heartache Follows Wherever I Go:  Original chord phrasing in the opening progression, guitar solo is too clean every note perfect, too fast for a blues solo.  Vocals again sound like Paul Rodgers

Never Give All Your Heart:  Sounds more like a rock, power ballad.  Vocals sound like Paul Rodgers or Doug Pinnick from King’s X .  Really reminds me of a Bad Company meets the Who type song. Something like Love Reign O’er  Me” More like a rock solo, arena rock power ballad. Another try at an original song  Keyboards by Johnathan Cain of Journey.

Gave Up Everything For You Cept the Blues:  Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar all throughout the song  riff, solos, chord phrasing. It’s too derivative.

Different Shades of Blue:  Opening sounds like “Hotel California” from the Eagles more of a traditional rock song with a Crowded House organ, Paul Rodgers vocal, original opening phrasing, less bluesy solo, faster solo.

Get Back My Tomorrow:  Vocals sound like Doug Pinnick or Gary Clark Jr. , again it sounds more like a rock song, Stevie Ray guitar solo but cleaner.

Trouble Town Blues Song dominated by horns vocals like Gary Clark Jr. Doug Pinnick, King’s X sounding guitar.  Interesting bridge to solo, Interesting solo.

So What Should I do?  Slower blues gospel tinged song slow piano Vocals sound Don Henley-ish not many effects on guitar, maybe a little reverb fits the song.probably my favorite blues song on the album, because of its simplicity .


I like the songs that are a departure from his blues roots like Heartache Follows Wherever I Go, Oh Beautiful, Never Give All Your Heart, in these songs Bonamassa fuses rock and blues.  His blues songs sound to derivative, either like B.B. King, or Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the solos on the songs sound too clean, too fast to sound authentic.

When Hendrix or Billy Gibbons, or BB King, or Stevie or Jimmie Vaughn played the blues the phrasing might not be perfect, but the feeling was there.  Bonamassa’s playing is almost too perfect, almost robotic, and the songs are overproduced, too slick sounding for blues.  Blues has to capture a feeling for me, there were no feelings here.

Different Shade of Blue: Just an ordinary Joe.


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