Movie Review: The Intern (2015)

Posted: July 17, 2016 in Comedy, Drama
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the intern

Jules (Anne Hathaway) has built an internet fashion company called About the Fit.  Her associate, Cameron (Andrew Rennelis) initiates a program for a senior intern, and a retired widower named Ben (Robert DeNiro) answers the ad, and gets the job.  At first Jules wants nothing to do with Ben, but he cleans up a messy desk, and takes over as Jules’ driver, and starts solving problems around the office.  Cameron suggests that Jules hire a CEO, because she’s too much of a hands-on boss.  Jules doesn’t like the idea, but thinks a CEO might give her more time with her husband Matt (Anders Holm) and daughter, Paige. (Jo Jo Kushner) Things are going well for Ben, he has the ear of Jules, and she respects him, and he builds a relationship with a company masseuse named Fiona. (Rene Russo)  But then while driving Paige back home from a birthday party, Ben sees something he shouldn’t.  Does Ben tell Jules what he’s seen?  Does Jules hire a CEO for his company?

This movie starts out well enough, a pleasant movie combatting the ageism in the corporate world, and as long as it stays in the realm of the business relationship this movie is fine, but then Ben starts to get involved with Jules’ personal life and then the movie takes a turn  toward sappy sentimentality, and that shouldn’t have happened.  The movie suffers when it tries to use “modern” types of communication, like jokes about e-mail, and text messages.  Rene Russo’s character is embarrassing and the love story between Russo and Deniro doesn’t really work.  Russo deserves better, the women in general are not written well, and the little girl is precocious, what else is new?  The movie builds up to a climax and then makes it anticlimactic.  Nancy Myers seems to specialize in the “mature” relationship movie, like Something’s Gotta Give, but The Intern seems overly formulaic.

The acting is very good.  Robert DeNiro seems to be really comfortable playing this role, some of his comedic roles have been silly, but I saw a lot of good things in this role, like he relaxed and stopped trying to be funny.  He looked at ease, and let everything come to him.  Anne Hathaway is very good, she has good chemistry with DeNiro,  and Jo Jo Kushner., I prefer her in the Devil Wears Prada, which was a much better movie about the fashion world, but she did her best with inconsistent writing.  Rene Russo deserved better than to play a masseuse, but she does her best trying to play the love interest.  Adam Devine on the other hand, plays the same role as always, the loudmouthed sidekick, but he tries too hard to be funny, and it wears thin after a while.

The Intern: Turns into mush.

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