Movie Review: Sausage Party (2016)

Posted: November 26, 2016 in Comedy
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All of the food at Shopwell’s supermarket think that men and women are gods, and when food is chosen from the shelves those foods are going to a glorious afterlife.  That is, until Honey Mustard (Danny McBride) is returned to the shelf and tells the food what is really going on in the humans’ houses. Most of the food is incredulous, and goes back to hoping they get chosen by the humans.  All Frank, (Seth Rogan) a hot dog, wants to do is get nice and cozy with his girlfriend, Brenda Bunston, (Kristen Wiig) who’s a bun.  They get chosen to go home, they are on the verge of their dream, but then Honey Mustard jumps out of the cart and commits suicide, and the cart gets into an accident.  Frank and Brenda survive,and get left behnd in the supermarket. Frank still wants to find out if Honey Mustard was right, and goes to see Firewater, (Bill Hader) to find the truth. Brenda takes her chances with a bagel named Sammy, (Edward Norton) a Lavash, (David Krumholtz) and a hot tamale of a taco named Theresa. (Salma Hayek) Firewater tells Frank the truth of his quest lies in the Dark Aisle.  What does Frank find in the Dark Aisle?  Do Frank and Brenda spend eternity in bliss together?

It is very smart to use food as a metaphor to discuss religion, and there are some pointed references to religious differences, and along the way Sausage Party does try to sound a hopeful note about people, I mean food, putting aside their religious differences and finding a  way to live together, but the movie soon devolves into nothing more than hedonism, nihilism, and voyeurism, and I was hoping for more than that, but could I really hope for profoundness  from a movie written by Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill?  The last few scenes destroy any credibility that the movie had built up and the movie ends on a silly, self-indulgent note.  There is also an over-indulgence in foul language, and sexual references, when there didn’t need to be. Ultimately, Sausage Party turns into an anti-religious rant, and in more thoughtful hands, it could have been much more.

Seth Rogan is Seth Rogan, in every movie he’s in, he plays the same character, party boy, stoner, borderline anarchist.  He starts this movie differently, but ends up the same old Seth Rogan that he apparently enjoys playing. The only movie he showed any range in was Steve Jobs, when he played Steve Wozniak.   Kristen Wiig shows a little more range and flexibility in her voice, she is a true believer at first, and subtly starts to doubt.  Edward Norton is very funny doing his best Woody Allen as Sammy the bagel.  David Krumholtz is also very good as the Lavash, and Salma Hayek is very good as a repressed taco named Theresa.

One of the directors has done Thomas The Tank Engine cartoons and the other is a producer for two of the Shrek movies.  The pacing suffers with the many subplots, but the voice talent is good, is that because of the directors or in spite of them?  The animation is ok, not great, not horrible.

Sausage Party:  It grinds to a halt when it runs out of ideas.


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