Movie Review: Miss Sloane (2016)

Posted: June 17, 2017 in Drama
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miss sloane

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a lobbyist.  She has engaged in some pretty morally reprehensible things, but she supports her causes unquestioningly. But when her boss, George Dupont, (Sam Waterston) asks her to support a campaign to make women more ardent gun rights supporters, she refuses to work on the campaign and moreover quits the lobbying firm and joins the Brady Campaign, a  gun control organization.  Elizabeth takes along five co-workers, she wants to take a sixth co-worker, but her protégé, Jane Malloy (Allison Pill) stays behind.

Undaunted, Elizabeth joins the Brady campaign, and befriends Esme Manucharian (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) a fervent believer in gun control who confides her reasons to Elizabeth, but wants to keep her reasons private.  Elizabeth wastes no time in raising money for her new found cause, from wealthy donors like Evelyn Sumner (Christine Baranski) and she gets to work flipping Senators’ votes, 60 is the magic number to withstand a filibuster.  But her slash and burn tactics, and her reckless proclivities anger her political enemies and endanger her friends.  Finally, in a desperate attempt to stop her momentum she is called in front of the Senate Ethics Committee to testify by Senator Ronald Sperling. (John Lithgow)  What comes out at the hearing? Does the bill Elizabeth is championing pass the Senate?

Miss Sloane tries very hard to be a sophisticated version of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.  But it really is a sad day in America when a lobbyist is a protagonist in a political drama.  Mr. Smith was a political neophyte and a complete innocent, and that was part of the charm of that movie.  This movie has no charm, it portrays cynical move after another.  And it’s not very realistic, either. If flipping votes in the Senate was as simple as pulling a few political stunts, than fighting the NRA would be easy.  It is not, If Newtown Connecticut can happen and the Congress can’t pass background checks, then nothing will ever defeat the NRA.  So this is just Hollywood wish fulfillment, if Congress can’t pass the real thing, Hollywood can make it up.  And it doesn’t even work as wish fulfillment, because it’s so overtly political, and people, all people, go to movies to escape politics, not to revel in it.

I really love Jessica Chastain, because she enjoys playing a wide variety of roles, and she plays them all pretty well.  She really ties hard to play a tough woman and yet make her likeable, it’s a tough job.  I only wish the script was better and not so contrived, I still like Chastain, but I doubt that anyone could have pulled this role off.  I like Gugu Mbatha Raw too, but the writers make her a victim throughout the film, and she is never allowed to break out of victim mode.  And she disappears almost completely near the end of the film. John Lithgow seems to enjoy playing a puppet politician, but again his role is too predictable.

The direction is nothing special, the pacing is slow at times the movie is very long, and takes a long time to get to its ending.  The director doesn’t get great performances from anyone in particular, and the ending is predictable.

Miss Sloane:  Misses the mark.






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