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cloverfield paradox

In the near future, earth is running out of fuel, nations are on the brink of war.  The multination crew of the Cloverfield space station is tasked to test the Sheppard Particle Accelerator, and if see if it’s operational.  If it is, Earth will have a renewable source of energy, and the specter of world war will diminish.  Crew member Hamilton (Gugu Mbatha Raw) is debating whether to join the team or not, she talks it over with her husband, Michael (Roger Davies) and decides to go.

Three years later, the crew is still on the space station and they are nowhere closer to firing up the particle accelerator, but then they have a breakthrough, and they get the particle accelerator to work briefly, and provide energy to the earth.  In doing so, the crew blows the space station wildly off course and off the Earth’s radar. When the station is blown off course, strange things are happening on the ship.  Volkov, (Aksel Hennie) thinks something is wrong with his eye.  The other crew members find a crew member named Jensen (Elizabeth Debicki) enmeshed in the wiring of the space station, except no one seems to know her. While sealing the ship’s interior panels, the panels amputate Mundy’s (Chris O’Donnell) arm.  While all this is happening, Tam (Zhang Ziyi) and Schmidt (Daniel Bruhl) are planning something without the knowledge of the commander of the Space Station, Kiel. (David Oyelowo) Did the particle accelerator that threw them into the vast reaches of space, cause these weird occurrences to happen?  Can the crew do anything to repair the accelerator and save themselves and the Earth?

That thud Netflix subscribers heard was this bomb landing in their streaming queue. This is an earth-shatteringly bad film, shockingly produced by JJ Abrams.  Why he would lend his name to this floating piece of excrement is beyond me.  It takes an interesting premise and ruins it.  It starts out as a pretty good mystery, trying to generate the atmospherics of vastly better movies like 2001 or Moon.  The reveal is disappointing, and the ending is a bad joke.  This movie was made to try to explain the original Cloverfield film, which was an awful Godzilla ripoff.  Abrams should have left the Cloverfield movies alone after 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was a decent suspense movie.

Equally shocking is why good actors like David Oyelowo, Daniel Bruhl and Gugu Mbatha Raw would be in a film like this.  Oyelowo was great in Selma, as Martin Luther King Junior, but he’s given very little to do here.  Daniel Bruhl was very good, as Nicki Lauda in Rush, he was also very good as Lutz Heck in The Zookeeper’s Wife, and again, he’s got a small role.  Mbatha Raw is given the biggest role, and try as she might, she can’t avoid the terrible writing.  Zhang Ziyi, who was great in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and 2046, speaks Mandarin throughout, and that got tiresome.

The direction is quite mundane,and the film feels longer than its 1 hour and 40 minute runtime, Abrams is not the director, and it shows the pacing is sloppy, the performances are lackluster, and the ending is ludicrous.

The Cloverfield Paradox A bad luck Cloverfield for anyone who watches.