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Owen (Jake Weber) is a forensic accountant with a pre-teen son named Connor. (Finn Little) The D.A that Owen works for has been killed, and now the assassins, Jack (Aiden Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Hoult) are after Owen.  They shoot Owen and his car careens off a cliff, but miraculously Connor survives, and runs for help.  Connor finds a smoke jumper named Hannah (Angelina Jolie) who is in a fire tower after a traumatic event involving a fire that she was fighting.  Does Hannah help Connor, can they both evade the assassins, and a growing fire coming closer to both of them? 

This movie is built on false advertising.  Those Who Want Me Dead is billed as an action movie starring Angelina Jolie.  The movie features a forensic accountant, ethical assassins, a hero sheriff, a pregnant sheriff’s wife, and a smoke jumper who does no smoke jumping.  The action seems to involve everyone BUT Hannah, and this is no exaggeration, the pregnant sheriff’s wife is more of an action hero than Hannah is.  Hannah spends most of her time being a mother figure to Connor.  See Brad, Angelina IS a good mom, this film proves it. Worse than all of this, the movie just ends without answering any of the questions it bothers to raise.  Salt is an action movie starring Angelina Jolie, watch that instead of this sentimental drivel. 

Angelina Jolie is to be pitied, even her surgically altered face is to be pitied, it is proof that Hollywood is not interested in actresses over 40.  The pity is, she is a good actress, and she can be an action hero, if given the right script, this is the WRONG script.  Jolie seems like a bystander in her big comeback movie. Finn Little is good as Connor, he shows the right amount of emotion, along with some toughness.  And he does a convincing American accent. Nicholas Hoult is pretty good as the younger assassin.  And it’s good to see him in something besides an X-Men movie.  What is Tyler Perry doing in this movie?  Don’t ask, no one explains his character or his function, he has one scene, and he is gone. 

The direction is poor, the pacing is exceptionally slow for an action film, there are so many disparate storylines that the viewer has to wait for the story to come together and once it comes together, the movie doesn’t get any more exciting.  The set piece or the climax, is almost anticlimactic, and the movie limps to an uninspired ending. 

Those Who Wish Me Dead: Doesn’t Catch Fire. 

mad max fury road

In a post-apocalyptic Australia, a warlord named Immortan Joe (Hugh Keys Bearne) controls one of the remaining population centers left, called the Citadel.  He controls the distribution of the food, water, and the population itself, selecting only the most beautiful women to mate with. Max Rockatansky  (Tom Hardy) is a prisoner of Immortan Joe who escapes.  Max is joined by Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who is looking for her family in the green area, and takes some of Joe’s finest breeders with her.  Nux (Nicholas Hoult) believes that Joe is a Devine ruler and Nux is one of Joe’s most fervent followers.  He volunteers to bring Max, Furiosa, and the breeders back to Joe.  Do Max and Furiosa escape Immortan Joe and Nux?  Do they find the green place and safety?  Or does Joe hunt them down and bring them back?

I didn’t see the original Mad Max movies, and I didn’t see this one for a long time, because I generally don’t like reboots or sequels.  A reboot, sequel or prequel is Hollywood’s way of saying, “We’ve run out of new ideas, so here’s an old idea, for a new generation.”  Fury Road is no exception.  It’s an old idea wrapped in a bright, shiny, new package, but resist opening the package, because there’s nothing inside.  The story is threadbare, there is no plot development, no character development, nothing but mindless chase scenes and violence, Hollywood’s go-to staple.  All the talk of the feminist hero Furiosa had me at least curious to see this movie, but her character is entirely mitigated by the mindless runway model breeders, who look like they stepped off the cover of Vogue despite living in a post-apocalyptic society.  One of the characters switches allegiances in the middle of the movie, for no apparent reason, and the movie goes on for a half an hour longer than it should. George Miller is the principal writer for this tripe, so he gets most of the blame.

The acting is below par, especially with such a talented cast.  Tom Hardy, who I liked in The Dark Knight Rises and Inception, is reduced to a series of monosyllabic, monotone grunts and groans, the script is a real disservice to his acting skills.  Charlize Theron is easily one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood, and she proves it here by sounding like an American in the middle of the Australian outback.  She was born and raised in South Africa, how hard is it to do an Australian accent when you’re from South Africa.  Nicholas Hoult keeps getting these high profile roles, and I keep wondering why , other than playing Beast, he’s really not that good.  He at least tries to do an Aussie accent, he lays it on thick, but he tries.

As non-existent as the plot was, the visuals were exhilarating.  The cinematography was spellbinding, the daytime shots were covered in an orangish hue, and the night shots were bathed in a pale blue light.  It was spectacular to see.  That said, George Miller’s pacing is horrible, either breakneck speed, or pathetically slow lulls to explain the non-existent plot.  Miller also gets lousy performances from Hardy, Theron and Hoult, and that doesn’t say much for his directorial skills. This film has ten Oscar nominations, including best film.  It really makes me wonder if the Oscar voters even watch these movies.

Mad Max:  Fury Road  Full of Potholes and plot holes.