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deadpool 2

After two years of working as a mercenary, and killing many bad guys, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) decides to start a family with girlfriend Vanessa. (Morena Baccarin)  When those plans are interrupted, Deadpool is convinced by Colossus (Stefan Kapcic) to join the X-men as a trainee.  His first mission is to rescue a teen boy named Russell (Julian Dennison) from a home for orphaned mutants, Russell is causing damage with his powers and the police are called, but Deadpool screws up the mission and both he and Russell  go to the Icebox, a mutant prison where their powers are controlled by collars around their necks.  While in prison, Russell seeks revenge on the headmaster(Edde Marsan)  of the orphanage and enlists the aid of Juggernaut,(himself)  the biggest prisoner in the Icebox.

From out of the blue, a soldier named Cable (Josh Brolin) breaks into the Icebox and attacks Russell, but Russell escapes Cable with his new friend Juggernaut, and heads for the orphanage to get his revenge on the headmaster,  Cable follows Russell, and Deadpool with his new ‘family’ the X-Force, which mainly consists of Domino (Zazie Beetz) and they go to find Russell.  Can Deadpool and Domino stop Russell before he and Juggernaut exact their revenge?  Can Deadpool stop Cable from killing Russell.

Deadpool 2 is a mix of a great deal of violence, scatological teenage anatomy humor, both disturbing and derivative plot elements, and what Hollywood does best, explosions substituting for plot.  There’s a joke in the film that refers to Ryan Reynolds saying. “He doesn’t like sharing the screen with others” which is basically wish fulfillment for the rest of the film.  This is Ryan Reynolds’ film, and he chooses to carry the load mostly on his own.  The mood alternates between frathouse humor and some very disturbing allegations at the orphanage, and the film doesn’t know if it wants to be a serious film about serious issues, or Animal House with mutants, and that is part of the problem .  The mood shifts are so sudden and violent that any viewer would suffer from being whipsawed between laughter and angst  It doesn’t make the X-men look very good either, sending a trainee on a mission they should be handling.  The ending is not surprising, because it’s a Marvel movie, and endings don’t matter in Marvel movies.

The acting s ok, just ok, Ryan Reynolds is not a great actor, he’s as average actor, maybe below average.  So maybe,  sarcastic, snide, comic book superhero Is the best he can do for himself.  His best movies are Van Wilder, and Definitely, Maybe, frathouse comedy romantic comedy.  Deadpool weirdly combines both genres, so no wonder he feels comfortable.   Josh Brolin was a serious actor, he was good in No Country For Old Men, he did a good job as George W Bush in W.  But now he’s not in one but two Marvel movies, playing the heavy, Thanos on The Avengers, but playing a more complex role, as Cable.  Since Brolin is not known for comedy, he plays Cable as a straight man.  Here’s a suggestion, how about Larry the Cable Guy plays Cable?  Need an assassin?  Larry would Get ‘er done!  All kidding aside Brolin is quite good in this role.  Zazie Beetz was a breath of fresh air as Domino, she added snark, and a woman’s perspective to the testosterone dominated cast  She almost steals the movie from the incessantly mugging Reynolds. .  Julian Dennison was a bit too whiny, as Russell, he was boxed in by bad writing.  This was not the comic book Russell’s origin story.

The direction was good, pacing was fast, not an over reliance on special effects,  the pacing is good, a few too many explosions.  He gets mostly good performances from the cast.  And the guy is a stuntman, which makes sense for a movie like this which involves big action scenes and lots of stunts.   He directed  Atomic Blonde too, which I did not like.

Deadpool 2:  Not quite dead in the water.



A group of six astronauts from the international space station recover an alien species from a Mars probe, and try to bring it back to earth for further study. The single-celled organism, which the crew nicknames Calvin, lies dormant for a while, until one of the astronauts, Hugh Derry (Aryion Bakare) tries to bring the organism back to life, with electric shock.  The treatment works and the organism begins to grow, but will Hugh Derry and the rest of the crew regret their decision to bring this alien life form back to life?

This is a movie that tries to combine The Martian, Gravity, and the Aliens movies into one movie.  But it’s not as smart and funny as The Martian, it’s not as scary as any of the Aliens movies, and it’s very predictable.  The viewer knows what’s going to take place in this movie from the first minute of this movie to the last.  The movie tries to build some relationships early on in the film, but they don’t do enough character development to make the viewer care about any of these characters.  The scenes are also very redundant, the astronauts never seem to learn from their mistakes, while the alien is learning constantly. The science is junk science too, why should an alien creature respond to an electric shock to revive it?  Humans respond to electric shocks to stimulate their hearts but why should alien organisms react in the same way?  Also, later in the movie, the viewer learns that the alien needs oxygen to survive.  There is .1 percent of oxygen on Mars, how could it survive on Mars, if it needs oxygen to survive? The writers try to add a twist ending to the movie, but I had stopped caring long before this movie ended.

The acting is subpar, Jake Gyllenhaal, who is the best actor in the movie seems genuinely disinterested in giving his character any personality whatsoever.  He acts like he’s playing a supporting role through most of the movie, and when the lead role is thrust on him, it’s far too late to care. Ryan Reynolds plays the same fast-talking wise guy that he played in Deadpool.  Unfortunately, the snarkiness of this character does not play well as an astronaut.  Astronauts are serious people who need to know a lot of science or else very bad things happen.  Reynolds lack of seriousness in this role shows bad form, thankfully, it’s a small role.  Rebecca Ferguson is the poor-woman’s Emily Blunt, she also sleepwalks through the role.  Olga Dykhovichnaya  plays a generic Russian role, whose character is also a love interest for Ryan  Reynolds character. Aryon Bakare does his best Chiwetel Ejifor impression, but Bakare’s role is not as well-written as Ejiofor’s in The Martian.

The direction started off visually interesting, but soon devolved into special effects and explosions in typical Hollywood fashion.  The pacing is bad, and the director doesn’t get good performances out of his actors.  The director also did Safe House, which wasn’t that good of a thriller, and Child 44, which I have not seen.

Life:  Life-less.

Movie Review: Deadpool (2016)

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Action, Comedy


Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) was a Special Forces operative and is now a mercenary, who helps women get rid of stalkers, among other messy but necessary duties.  He meets the love of his life, Vanessa,(Morena Baccarin)  who’s a lady of the evening.  Everything is going well for Wade and Vanessa until Wade finds out that he has late stage cancer.  Wade meets a recruiter (Jed Rees) who says he can cure the cancer.  Wade finally gets desperate enough to try the treatment, and meets a man named Ajax (Ed Skrein) and his assistant Angel Dust (Gina Carano) in a dingy laboratory.  Ajax means to turn Wade into a super mercenary, and then sell him to the highest bidder. Ajax and Angel Dust take turns torturing Wade, until he mutates into a man with super strength and incredible healing ability.  The bad news is the treatment and torture left him looking like Freddy Krueger. Wade wants to find Ajax and Angel Dust, and exact revenge on them for disfiguring his face. He also wants to find Vanessa and explain his absence.  He is joined by Colossus  (Stefan Kapacic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) two X-Men.  Does Wade find Ajax?  Does he find Vanessa?

Deadpool is a very funny movie, in fact, comedy saved this movie from being another run-of- the-mill superhero action movie.  Deadpool  is supposed to be an anti-hero, but I don’t think the script gave him enough of an edge in going for so many laughs, the character lost his dangerous side.  The backstory reminded me too much of Wolverine, a military experiment, yields a superhero who heals himself and is therefore indestructible. Stan Lee is nearly 140 years old, so these superhero origin stories  must feel like they all run together after a while.  There is gratuitous sex and violence, the love story is more like lust at first sight, and the women are objectified. If this is a love story, you my dear reader, have a very low threshold of what constitutes love. Vanessa is a prostitute, Hollywood’s favorite profession, and Angel Dust’s ample cleavage is hanging out of her outfit for every scene she’s in. The writers try to add some seriousness to the film by giving Wade a terminal illness,  but when the laughs disappear, so does the modus operandi  for this movie, and so the terminal illness just becomes a plot device.  Of the new characters, Colossus seems like a rehash of The Hulk meets Arnold Schwarzenegger, only Negasonic Teenage Warhead stands out as a fresh and original character. The ending of Deadpool is predictable, but it’s still better than Guardians of The Galaxy.

Ryan Reynolds does a good job of squeezing every last laugh out of this film, in fact his voice sounds like fellow Canadian Jim Carrey sometimes. I’m glad for him, I’m glad he doesn’t have to make movies like RIPD or The Green Lantern, but he’s still not a good enough actor to make the viewer feel anything in the more serious scenes.   Morena Baccarin plays Vanessa as part sex-kitten and damsel in distress, and really adds little except a few jokes.  Briana Hildebrand is funny as petulant teen Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Ed Skrein reminds me of Jason Statham, with his speech patterns and mannerisms. Gina Carano brings her MMA skills and her substantial measurements, but very little acting skills to the film.

The direction is good, the pacing is fast, lots of different angles and crane shots, and Reynolds broke through the 4th wall lots of times, and talked to the audience a lot, I don’t know if the director gets credit for that or the writers, but it added another dimension to the film.  Tim Miller is best known for the visual effects on Scott Pilgrim vs the World.  Not a great film.

Deadpool :  Goes off the deep end.

the croods

Grug (Nicholas Cage) is a caveman head of the Crood family, who keeps his family safe by following one simple rule, don’t leave the cave. But his daughter Eep (Emma Stone) is curious about the world outside the cave. One night, she sneaks out of the cave, and follows a glowing light source, and finds the source of the light, a dude named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) making what he calls fire. When Eep goes back to meet Grug, he finds out where she was and grounds her. But just when Grug thinks everything is under control, an earthquake wipes out their cave. Eep tells Grug about Guy’s idea about seeking higher ground, and soon the family is on a trek to the mountains, discovering shoes and Guy’s other inventions, like animal traps and cooked food. Do they make it to the mountains?

The Croods is a serviceable animated film, with all kinds of lessons about learning to take risks outside the safety of everyday life. A lot of the jokes are aimed at the younger set, 10 and below, but the idea of the first family road trip is somewhat inventive and a better than expected ending, makes the movie more enjoyable than it appears. The animation in certain scenes is very impressive, and the theme is uplifting. There’s a really good performance by Nicholas Cage, he seems better at doing over the top comedic roles like Big Daddy in Kick Ass or this role, than those dumb action flicks like Ghost Rider and Drive Angry. He makes the role of overprotective dad more emotional than most actors, because deep down, he is a good actor taking mostly poorly written roles. Emma Stone is good as the defiant, adventurous daughter, and this is one of Ryan Reynolds better roles, that’s not saying much, but he’s funny and makes a good love interest, playing the more evolved human, Guy. Cloris Leachman plays the wise-cracking mother-in-law, nothing new in her role. But ultimately, this movie falls short because there’s not enough here for the adults, the humor is kind of crude, pun intended.

The Croods: Crudely drawn entertainment for kids.