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Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) wants to put together a group of criminals for a secret mission.  Deadshot (Will Smith) is a hitman, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) was a psychiatrist, who went crazy treating the Joker. (Jared Leto) Killer Croc,(Adewale Akinnuoye  Agbage) some kind of hybrid between a human and a crocodile.  Diablo, (Jay Hernandez) a man who can conjure fire instantly.  June Moone, (Cara Delveigne) an anthropologist, whose soul is occupied by a witch named Enchantress. Rick Flag, (Joel Kinnaman) June’s military boyfriend. George Harkness, an Australian criminal, serving a triple life sentence, and Katana, a female ninja avenging the death of her husband.  All these shady characters agree to this mission for time off their sentences, and Rick assumes he can control June, but Enchantress has her own ideas. What is the mission that the Suicide Squad agrees to?  Do they succeed?

The difference between a great superhero film, and a run of the mill superhero film are numerous.  In a great superhero film, the protagonist well-drawn, and sympathetic, the viewer wants this character to succeed.  In a great superhero film, the storyline becomes about much more than who wins or who loses, it becomes about larger themes like the nature of man.  In a great superhero film, the climax fit the rest of the story, and the viewer feels thrilled, and awaits the ending.  Suicide Squad is not a great superhero film, the characters are paper thin, the plot inches along looking for excitement, and finds none, the climax is as exciting as a shrug of the shoulders, and the ending is routine.  The movie needed a lot more backstory for character development, and a deeper more exciting plot, but the viewer doesn’t get that. Combine a dull plot with bad acting and you’ve got this film.

Viola Davis is the best actor in this film.  She at least held my attention.  Will Smith is still trying desperately to regain the mojo that made him bankable box office in the mid 1990’s, but this film won’t do it.  His character at least has two dimensions most of the characters aren’t that well-developed. But Smith has lost that swagger from his early movies, and he hasn’t really replaced it with anything.  I liked Margot Robbie in the Wolf of Wall Street,  but she plays Harley Quinn like a total airhead. And her Aussie accent sneaks in once in a while. Jared Leto plays the Joker like a low rent Heath Ledger, it’s a pale imitation of Heath Ledger’s masterful performance, but Leto never makes it his own. Leto is a better actor than he shows in this role and that is a disappointment.  The other actors are not worth mentioning because the characters are so poorly drawn that these actors could not bring anything to them.

David Ayer is the director and writer of this film.  He wrote Training Day, so he is capable of writing a good film, but his writing is bad in this film,  and his direction is also poor.  The pacing of this film is very slow, it’s a long film that takes forever to get where its going and when it gets there, the viewer can’t help but wonder if that is all there was to the movie. He gets terrible performances and the special effects are underwhelming.

Suicide Squad: Killing the careers of its actors.


Movie Review: Focus (2015)

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Drama
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Nicky (Will Smith) is a con-man, who’s turned stealing small things into big business.  He takes a newbie named Jess (Margot Robbie) under his wing, and teaches her the fine art of the con.  The pair makes 1.2 million during Super Bowl weekend and con a Chinese gambler named Liyuan (BD Wong) out of another 2 million, Jess also falls in love with Nicky.  But Nicky feels that he is getting to close to Jess, and so he gives her 80, 000 dollars and ends the relationship.  Three years later, Nicky is hired by the head of an Argentinian racing team named Garriga (Rodrigo Santoro) to protect an algorithm that Garriga has come up with to make his team’s cars go a little faster than the other cars.  Nicky is supposed to con the other team owners with a fake algorithm. But then Jess shows up in Argentina, and tells Nicky that she is Garriga’s girlfriend, and that she’s gone straight, and given up conning people for good.  What is Nicky’s reaction, does he continue to help Garriga?  Is Jess really Garriga’s girlfriend or is she conning him?

This movie gets off to a good start.  Nicky explains the rules of a good con game to Jess, there’s a little comedy thrown in, it was a really interesting movie for about half an hour,  technically what Nicky and his team were doing in New Orleans was nothing more than glorified pickpocketing, but I was willing to let that go.  The scenes with Liyuan were badly written, I would have done something else entirely.  The con in Argentina was thoroughly uninteresting,  and the re-emergence of Jess was badly written.  I would have done something much more interesting with Jess, another wasted character.

Will Smith is smooth and polished as the con man, he shows that he still has comedic chops too, it was a good performance by Smith in a comeback after trying, and failing to create an acting career for his son Jaden. Margot Robbie is stunning to look at, and she handles the early scenes well, but by the time the movie gets to Argentina, she is used as little more than window dressing, and that is a shame.  Robbie does a great American accent, I did not even know she was Australian, until after I saw The Wolf of Wall Street. BD Wong  was severely underutilized, I would have used him in a different, more interesting way.  He is a much better actor than this movie shows, check out his performance as White Rose in Mr. Robot.

The direction is stylish and shows New Orleans in a glamorous light, great cinematography. Ironically, the directors are the writers, the performances were not that great, so I would say that these directors are not great actor’s directors, so I would say keep the visual aspects of your directing, stop writing completely.

Focus:  Unclear what the point of this movie is.

Movie Review: Hitch (2005)

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Comedy, Romance
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Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) is a man who’s smooth with the ladies, he knows what to say, and how to say it, and women usually succumb to his charms.  It wasn’t always that way, in college Hitch was shy and naive, and got his heart broken by a girl named Cressida Baylor. (Robinne Lee) Now, he’s taken everything he learned from that lousy experience, and is using it to help men find long term relationships with the women of their dreams. One of the men Hitch tries to help is Albert Brennamen (Kevin James) a chubby accountant whose dream girl is Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta) a beautiful, rich, businesswoman, who recently broke up with a Swedish man about town.  Hitch accepts the challenge of trying to pair up the unlikely couple.  Hitch gets Allegra to notice Albert during a board meeting, and the two start talking business.

While getting Allegra to notice Albert, Hitch meets a gossip columnist named Sara Meles (Eva Mendez) and he is smitten.  He plans this elaborate date, where the two go jet skiing to Ellis Island, and Hitch shows Sara the signature of her first relative to come to Ellis Island.  Romantic right? Wrong?  Hitch’s jet ski stalls, he knocks Sara off her jet ski, and Sara’s long lost Ellis Island relative turns out to be a mass murderer.  Not a great date.  Their second date goes no better, at a night of food tasting, Hitch discovers he has a food allergy, and spends the rest of the night getting loopy on liquid Benadryl.  It’s a good thing for Hitch that Allegra and Albert are getting along swimmingly, Albert meets her friends at and art show and they like him.  They go to a Knicks game, and Albert teaches Allegra how to whistle loudly.  By this time Sara is angry, because she missed a scoop on the art show date between Albert and Allegra, and she wonders how a chunky guy like Albert can go on dates with the most eligible women in New York.  Sara hears rumors about a “date doctor” and finally gets a tip on who this man with the magic is.  Does she act on the tip?  If she does, will that ruin two relationships at once?  Not to mention Hitch’s thriving business?

This movie is one of my favorite romantic comedies, because it’s more than your average boy meets girl romance.  Hitch is supposed to have all the answers on dating, but his dates go horribly wrong, all three of them.  Now who can’t relate to having some horrible dates?  Everyone has bad dates.  Everyone can also relate to meeting the girl or guy of your dreams and not having the foggiest clue how to introduce themselves.  This movie also features the universal theme of heartbreak, Hitch had his heart broken, and he buries all that inside of him, he doesn’t even want to open up to Sara, who he loves.  Sara is quite the closed book too, she doesn’t date, she’s very skeptical about love, and even when she likes Hitch, won’t throw herself into the relationship whole heartedly.  That’s what makes true love worth having, because it is difficult.  Meanwhile most people would think what’s Allegra Cole doing with Albert Brennaman? But Albert and Allegra get to know each other, and it’s the little things that Albert does that makes Allegra like him.  I like a movie that says get to know someone before you fall in love, or love is not always easy.  This is also a good movie because the cast is immensely likable.  Will Smith is at his charming best, as both lovable loser and love doctor.  Eva Mendez is both approachble and distant, which makes her irresistible in this movie.  Kevin James is likable in movies I hate.  I sat through Zookeeper because I like the guy so much.  He has a blue collar earnestness that makes me want to watch him.  He says something about Allegra that stays with me, something to the effect of “if I don’t have a shot with her, I hope she ends up happy with someone else.”  So he’s realistic but he still wants her to be happy. Amber Vallata, is also good playing a down to earth girl, who just happens to be worth a ton of money On top of all that, it has a great soundtrack, featuring songs by Heavy D and a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing.” by John Legend. Don’t get me wrong this movie has some silly scenes that I would have probably cut, but on the whole, it works and is far and away better than your average romantic comedy.  Seeing a fun movie like this again makes me wonder why Will Smith is doing Men In Black 3.  Will, fire your agent.

Hitch.  Hardly a hitch in this romantic comedy.